Kansas City!

Last weekend I made the short drive up to Kansas City to stay with my cousin and my sister. My sister is moving back to Texas, so we decided we needed one last weekend together while the travel time was only 3 hours instead of 9. It was a short trip, just Friday through Sunday, but it was the perfect girls weekend.

As a family that loves pizza, we ordered two large pizzas on Friday night and laid on a blow up mattress in the living room and watched Grease. My sister quoted over half the movie to my right while we all sang every song in our best karaoke voices. We devoured 3 pieces of pizza each before nearly falling asleep mid movie due to full happiness. Honestly Pizza Hut thin and crispy (pepperoni lovers) is a winner every time.

On Saturday we went to brunch! Shocking. We went to Summit Grill and had bottomless mimosas, which is the greatest thing anyone has ever invented. Not to mention the food was amazing. I am picky when it comes to toast, and my whole grain wheat toast was thick and the perfect amount of crispy. Also, I don’t like grits, but their cheddar jalapeno grits were actually really good. Maybe it was the mimosas…but they were probably just that good.

After brunch we went home to change into park sunbathing attire because it was a beautiful 75 degree day. We also stopped by the grocery store to get cheeses and crackers and fruit and hummus. A snack spread is one of my favorite things, so a snack spread in the park on a sunny day was the perfect Saturday afternoon. I ended up with somewhat of a farmers tan, but it was worth it.

We basically spent the whole weekend eating and laughing and catching up, so you could say it was ideal. We ended our weekend with Sunday morning donuts on the porch and it was a moment that makes you wish you could have weekends like that, all together, more often.

And one for fun….

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