Coffee: The Grounds at Garden Living

One of my favorite things in life is coffee. If I go a day without drinking it, it’s because I have to remind myself that I can. But typically, my coffee cup is refilled at least two or three times a day.

So, because of this love, I have decided to log on the blog some of the best coffee I find.

The Grounds at Garden Living is a new coffee shop so close to where I live that I walked there last weekend to give it a try. I had seen some pictures of their cinnamon twist latte on Instagram, and knew I wouldn’t even have to look at a menu in order to make my decision. It did not disappoint.

The latte was amazing, with the perfect balance of espresso and cinnamon. The aesthetic was much like the Garden Living store attached, fresh greenery and flowers, a rustic feel, with the most cozy nooks for sitting. If we hadn’t brought our dog, then I probably would have ended up sitting inside sipping away. Now it’s time to go back to try another menu item and stay a while.

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