Hiking Arkansas

Living in Arkansas means being surrounded by nature. Lately, Chad and I have been trying to take advantage of our surroundings and go on one hike every weekend. This time we went to Hawksbill Crag, which is a signature overlook in Arkansas.

To say this place is in the middle of nowhere is the understatement of the century. Miles of gravel roads are the only way to reach the trailhead, and the original road we took to get there was more like a very VERY steep, VERY bumpy, and VERY terrifying four wheeler off roading trail. Luckily we were in Chad’s truck or we never would have made it. The hike to the actual view was very similar. Very rocky and very bumpy.

But overall, absolutely everything was worth the view. There’s something about being able to see for miles on a sunny day that puts everything into perspective After a few crazy weeks, these fresh air moments are exactly what I needed.


And of course we had to end the afternoon with margs and chips and queso. The only way we knew how to celebrate surviving the backroads of Arkansas!

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