I’m Stefanee and this is Touring Tastebuds. Basically I love food. And I love to travel. I’m not one of those people that goes on 10 major trips a year, but you can pretty much guarantee that I go somewhere new as many weekends as possible. Whether a day trip, a long weekend, or the few major trips (like tops 2 I have a full time job and “vacation days”) I take a year, my gauge of whether the trip was successful is always based on how well I ate. This category also includes coffee, because it’s a necessity to life.

Like I mentioned above, I have a full time job which implies a limited budget. So, long story short I can’t eat out every meal of my life (as much as that would be a dream come true). A piece of chicken or some frozen meal usually doesn’t cut it for me, so the other part to this blog is about the meals I make at home, if and when I think they’re impressive (by my own standards) enough to share.

The other contributor to this space will be Chad! Chad is my boyfriend and he is a Stefanee proclaimed health freak. Although he loves food just as much as I do, his dream meal would probably be a piece of grilled chicken with some really well cooked veggies. My dream on the other hand would be a hamburger with a side of pizza and a milkshake. Needless to say, we compliment each other well.