Camping: Land Between the Lakes KY

When I got home from a work trip to New York, Chad had planned a fun weekend getaway for us. He picked me up from the airport, all packed up and ready to go, and we started heading to the surprise location. If you haven’t noticed, I am a huge lover and believer in getting a change of scenery as often as possible, so when Chad told me we were going somewhere new, I was more than excited. After about three hours in the car, I realized it really was somewhere new. Little did I know that we would be in the car for a few more hours, heading to KENTUCKY!

I have driven through Kentucky a few times, but I have never spent any extended period of time there. I was definitely missing out. We stayed in an area of Kentucky called “The Land Between the Lakes” and the name obviously indicates that we were surrounded by stunning lakes. There really is nothing more peaceful than watching a sunset over the lake, or spending your afternoon listening to the fall leaves start to fall while watching boats pass by. Let’s just say, Chad did good.

After spending our first night setting up our new Coleman tent, grilling out a campfire meal, and just enjoying our time, we woke up early the next morning for an awesome adventure. There is a reserve in the land between the lakes called the Elk & Bison Prairie, and for $5 you can drive around and see these amazing creatures in their natural habitat. A few minutes into our drive, which had already been amazing because of the views, we pulled up on a huge herd of bison. Literally right on the side of the road. Getting their morning graze in. I was blown away. I started snapping photos left and right, but after a few obsessive moments of photo taking, I just sat there and stared at them. These creatures were huge, but graceful and cute.


We spent the rest of our morning grilling up some bacon, drinking a mimosa, watching people fish in the quiet lake, and thoroughly enjoying having absolutely nothing that we needed to be doing. We eventually decided to go on a short hike by our campsite, which was well worth the exertion of energy, because the top provided us with another stunning lake view. We soaked it in for a little bit and then made our way back down. We relaxed some more, picked up some local Mexican food, and enjoyed a sunny afternoon by the lake. Eventually we decided to pack up our gear and load up to head home, because our somewhat high maintenance dog got stung by a bee. After that, she was no longer a fan of the outdoors.

Regardless, you can guarantee that we will be going camping again very soon. If you need a peaceful getaway where you can remove yourself from all of the things that stress you out during the week, I highly recommend The Land Between the Lakes. If you don’t want to drive that far, just google campsites nearby. It is truly the best way to regroup from a long week. Breath in some fresh air. Get some good mental clarity. Just enjoy the company of those around you.

Big thanks to Jason Barnette from Southeastern Traveler for the suggestion!

Also, check out Part One of our Land Between the Lakes travel vlog! Click here!

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  1. You definitely made us jealous with this blog. We love the opportunity to get away a clear our minds? We might not make it to land between the lakes, but camping is something we want to more? Thanks for sharing.

    Tim & Marcella

    1. Camping is definitely the best way to get away and refresh! I bet you have tons of beautiful campsites you can visit closer to home ? we can’t wait to see your camping adventures! ??

  2. You had me sold at “Land between the Lakes” guys – it sounds & looks amazing! Your sunset pictures are stunning! We have a Coleman tent too, they are great! Love how being out in nature gives you time to just be, it’s so important to switch off from everything else & just enjoy your surroundings ?

    1. It was an amazing place! Thank you so much! ☀️ we love our Coleman tent also and it let us be out in nature even more with the little covered patio! We couldn’t agree more, it’s good to just disconnect every now and then ?

  3. Those bison alone are enough of a reason for me to want to go! I love the sunset shots, Chad you picked a great spot! I hope you guys can convince the dog to camp again:)

    1. The bison were amazing! It was so awesome to be that close to them. Chad definitely did good ? and I think Millie will still be willing to camp now that she’s had a little break! Fingers crossed!

  4. What a wonderful place for camping <3 You captured the beauty of this place so good with the camera! I loved the bisons as well. Chad did really well with taking you there 🙂 It must truly peaceful to hike in this area.

    1. It was the best campsite! Thank you so much! It was easy to take photos there because everything was beautiful! It was an awesome, peaceful weekend ?

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