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Stress, energy levels and sleep are things I struggle with regularly. They are all a part of a vicious cycle. I don’t sleep well, so I don’t have any energy. I don’t have any energy, so I don’t process or prioritize things going on in life the way I normally would. I don’t process the same, I get stressed out. I’m stressed out, so I don’t sleep. Like I said, vicious cycle.

I’ve been trying to find the right solutions to all these things for a while now, and I was pretty sure that vitamins was my answer, but I couldn’t find one that covered all of my needs, or ones that weren’t super expensive. Then I stumbled upon Care/of, which was both personalized and inexpensive. I took a quiz about my lifestyle and all of the things I wanted my vitamins to focus on, and then the website reccomended the handful of vitamins they thought I should take daily based on my quiz results. Even better, all of their vitamins are 100% organically sourced, so I knew I was getting something genuinely good for my body, a natural solution to feeling less stressed, sleeping better, having more energy and just having overall good health.

Care/of was awesome enough to give us a discount code to share with y’all, so be sure to enter ‘TASTEBUDS50″ at checkout, and you’ll get 50% off your first month of vitamins! That will make your total probably less than $10, it’s amazing.

The vitamins come in these perfect little daily packs that you can easily take with you to work or just rip open at home. Convenience is key when it comes to having to add something into your daily routine, so having my vitamins easily accessible and portable has been a life saver. I can honestly say after taking my personalized vitamins for a few weeks, I can actually tell a difference. And now Chad is taking them too, for different things like muscle recovery and long lasting energy. We actually find it fun to take our vitamins together in the morning and see what our fun fact of the day is.

Mental and physical health are super important to me, so these vitamins have helped me in both departments. Especially while training for a half marathon (see post here), I need all the energy and rest I can get! If you give them a shot, absolutely let me know what vitamins you try! You can customize your pack with any of there many available vitamins, so I’m always open to trying any of the different ones you get recommended!

Go take your quiz now and get started!

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