Seattle: Where to Eat in Seattle!

I’ve always heard that Seattle has great food and craft beer. So, when I found out I was going to Seattle for a week, my foodie excitement kicked in. Unfortunately, through my first few days in the city, I was disappointed. I was there for work, and eating catered sandwiches and hotel breakfasts just wasn’t cutting it for me. When my work time came to a close and my vacation time with Chad started, I vowed to only eat exceptionally good food all day long. Not just three meals a day. Three meals and at least two snacks in between. I can very strongly say that after our day and a half of vacation ended, I was no longer disappointed in the food in Seattle. I put together a list of where to eat in Seattle, so if you ever find yourself there, you can make sure you’re only eating the good stuff!

Where to Eat in Seattle

  • The Purple Cafe: This is the first place we went once I was done with work. It may have been my excitement for vacation or the fact that I was drinking champagne at lunch, but the atmosphere of this place and the really good french fries made it one of my top favorites. I also got a grilled chicken sandwich with super organic chicken that was so tasty and fresh. I was also having serious food envy of the people sitting next to me who had ordered lobster mac and cheese….PLEASE ORDER THAT IF YOU EVER GO!
  • Biscuit Bitch: Yes, that’s actually the name. We got the “Basic Bitch” which was a biscuit sandwich with egg, cheese and bacon. The biscuit was amazing, which you would expect considering the word is in the name of the restaurant, but it was really amazing. The perfect amount of crunch, while still being so soft and fluffy on the inside. You should definitely go. You can also pick up a biscuit to go if you’re in a hurry!
  • The Pike Pub: This place was right near the Pike Place Market, so we went in here to get a quick snack. We ended up sitting in this place for two and a half hours, trying 12 different beers and eating huge soft pretzels with amazing beer cheese and mustard. The beers were amazing and the pretzels were delicious, but it was one of those places that really facilities social eating/drinking. We loved just sitting there with nowhere to be, drinking really good beer.
  • Yardhouse: Chad and I actually went here for a super late night dinner after one of my days of work, and we really enjoyed it. Best moscow mule of my life. Also, the queso was delicious. It was not your Tex-Mex queso, it was real, thick, melted cheese in a cast iron skillet. Yes please.
  • Serious Pie: We ended our trip on a freaking high note. This brick oven pizza was so delicious that we almost ordered a second pizza after we had already finished our first one. The ingredients were so fresh, and the pizza was cooked absolutely perfectly. I don’t really know how to express how good it was, except to say that I barely spoke to Chad the entire time we were eating.

We ate at several other delicious places while we were in Seattle, I just can’t remember the names of all of them. These few were absolutely the best of the best. If you’re ever in Seattle, make sure to add a few of these to your list of places to go. I love food so much that it’s always a highlight of anywhere we travel. I love trying new places, new things, and just enjoying my time with Chad while also really enjoying a tasty meal or a tasty drink.

If you’re going to be in Austin soon, be sure to check out my where to eat post from there as well!


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  1. Great post guys – probably should not have read this before lunch though 😀 “Basic bitch” really made me laugh. And the Pike Pub looks like an awesome spot, I would love to visit that market! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. The market is absolutely worth visiting! And the food was amazing. We are glad you enjoyed it, but I’m sorry for making you even hungrier before lunch 🙂

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