Kansas City: What We Ate!

A lot of our friends live in Kansas City, so Chad and I decided to make a weekend trip there to spend time with them and eat some good food. We succeeded at both of those things. We ate too much and laughed a lot, which was so refreshing since we live so far away from some of our best friends. You honestly can’t beat sitting on a patio on a perfect summer day with good company. Except when you add delicious soft pretzel bites with beer cheese, then it made for the most perfect afternoon.

Friday night, at Cooper’s Hawk, was one of the best meals we’ve had in a while. We had wine flights (major win), the best brussel sprouts I’ve ever tasted in my life, lettuce wraps, an amazing flatbread, the BEST pretzel bread, and some dark chocolate truffles (with another glass of wine) for dessert. If you’re ever in Kansas City, I would highly recommend paying Cooper’s Hawk a visit. It was the full dining experience which facilitated such high quality friend time that we ended up staying there for four hours. Not only did we lose track of time, but we also were so consumed in the conversation and food that I didn’t take a single photo of the delicious goodness…

Saturday we visited the Boulevard Brewing Company’s brewhouse and went on their tour. We ate all the pretzel bites with beer cheese, drank all of the samples, and got some of the best views of Kansas City. After that signature Kansas City experience, we had to continue the trend and go for BBQ. When we showed up at Joe’s Kansas City BBQ, the line was to the door. We winded our way around the restaurant until we finally go our big plates of BBQ, and it was absolutely worth the wait. The brisket was delicious, but I could have eaten two more orders of their french fries.

Food and friends make for really great weekends, and we are so glad we got to combine the two on our weekend in Kansas City!

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