Snack Attack! Target Haul

I am a HUGE snacker. At least three or four times throughout my work day I am on the hunt for something to snack on. I typically keep my snacks healthy, but healthy snacking can be a struggle. The processed world we live in has taught us to crave candy, chips and who knows what else, but all of the fake ingredients on those packages is enough to scare me off.

Because of that, I am always on the lookout for healthy, organic, snacks with ingredients I can pronounce. One place I have found that carries some cool and tasty organic snacks (for an affordable price), is the happiest place on Earth. Target.

At least once a week I find myself strolling the aisles of Target on my lunch break. This week was no different, and I stocked up on some of the best snacks. For you fellow snackers, these are worth a try to satisfy your sweet and salty cravings without fake ingredients and a million calories.

Somersaults Sunflower Seed Crunchy Bites

These things are addicting. They taste like the Cookie Crisp cereal you ate if you were a 90’s kid who got away with eating chocolate chip cookies for breakfast. They are sweet (but only 3g sugar) and chocolatey, with the perfect crunch and poppable size. Always reminding myself that healthy doesn’t mean eat three times the serving size with these.

Naturebox Sweet and Smoky BBQ Twists

If you’ve ever had those little Frito BBQ twist chips and loved them, then buy these. They taste as close as you could get to the unhealthy version. I could snack on a handful of these bad boys to satisfy my need for a bag of chips and never know the difference. I haven’t had a ton of luck finding salty healthy snacks (other than my obsession with popcorn), so finding these was a minor jackpot moment. Plus the twists are bigger, so that’s a bonus!

Nourish Crunchy Coconut Vanilla Granola Bites

I usually highly dislike coconut, but I caught myself popping a few of these in my mouth and loving it. They are the perfect level of sweetness, but can also easily be substituted for part of your breakfast. I love granola, so healthy and tasty versions of it get me overly excited. Now I am on a mission to try Nourish’s other flavors!

Like I said, I’m a huge snacker, so this probably won’t be the last time I share my favorite snacks with you. But, I want to hear some of your favorite snacks so I can try out your go to munchies too!

If you missed one of my favorite low calorie ice-cream options, read my post about Yasso ice-cream!

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