Tulum: What We Ate

I was envisioning tacos weeks before we left for Tulum. I knew they would be in abundance and I knew they would be authentic and delicious.

Unfortunately, Chad and I were a little under the weather the first few days of our trip, so I didn’t get to eat as many tacos as I had envisioned, but the ones I did eat were phenomenal. We ate tacos right after we snorkeled with sea turtles. We ate tacos right after the best day of beach lounging. And we ate tacos the second we arrived in Tulum.

Although the tacos were amazing, I think my favorite dishes in Tulum were all of the fresh breakfasts we ate on the beach. All the fruit. All the fresh juices. All the eggs. And ALL the pastries. I’ve been to Italy, and I can honestly say I ate the best chocolate croissant at Ziggy’s Beach Club in Tulum, Mexico.

We drank fruity drinks, a few cervezas, ate some pizza and even found some pasta. We ate Lay’s Stax like they were going out of style, and indulged in quite a few popsicles. Honestly, some of the memories I remember the most from vacations are the meals I eat. The atmosphere of the restaurants we visit always playback in my mind later on, and I always want to go back to visit a place so I can get that amazing dish I got the last time I was there. This trip was no different. Can’t wait to go back for another chocolate croissant. (Also notice that I lack a photo of the chocolate croissant because it didn’t last five seconds).

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