Tulum: Where We Stayed and What We Did

For a long time Chad and I were dreaming of the perfect beach vacation. Our last few trips together have included endless adventures and pure exhaustion by the end of the vacation. This time, we were going to be lying by the beach whether it was in Florida, Bahamas, Mexico, or a beach themed hotel pool. Luckily, we didn’t end up with the beach themed hotel pool, and we actually ended up in Tulum, Mexico.

Papaya Playa Project

Tulum is a small beach town not far from Cancun, Mexico, and it was everything we had dreamed of. The softest, whitest, sand beaches with crystal (and I mean CRYSTAL) clear blue water. Endless palm trees, fruity drinks, trendy restaurants and beach resorts. The whole package, all tucked away in a quiet little town.

We decided to stay in an Airbnb that was halfway between the beach and the town, because despite wanting some relaxation, our adventurous spirit still wanted to explore outside the beach. We were perfectly nestled in the jungle, with an amazing pool that we jumped in daily, and a condo with hammocks in every room.

When we weren’t relaxing at the beach or at our pool, we explored the Mayan ruins, swam in the freezing cold cenotes (natural river pools), and went snorkeling with sea turtles. Our urge to explore and our need to relax were both satisfied on this trip. I’m thankful for opportunities to see beautiful new places with my favorite travel companion.

To see more of our adventures, check out the videos on our YouTube channel!

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