Coffee: Going Decaf

Based on the fact that I have an entire blog series based around it, it’s pretty clear that I have a strong love for coffee. But, sometimes you have to make sacrifices in the name of mental health.

Lately coffee has been making my anxiety go through the roof. I don’t know what it is, but even just one morning cup of piping hot caffeine was making me feel anxious, tense and worked up throughout the day. I really did not like the feeling I was getting when I would get lightheaded and my heart would start racing faster than normal during my afternoon workout, or when I had to remind myself I could breath just fine during afternoons at work when I was getting tense. If you’ve ever had anxiety, then you know that you’ll do whatever you need to in order for it to go away. So, as hard as the decision was (because coffee was something I looked forward to daily), I decided to give it up cold turkey.

I replaced my morning coffee with flavored water, and convinced myself I wasn’t nearly about to fall asleep on my keyboard. A few weeks in and I was finally able to function normally, but I still missed my routine. Waking up and making a warm cup of coffee that made me feel cozy, familiar, and ready for the day.

So, I decided to go decaf.

Obviously it hasn’t been the same. I still wish I had a little energy boost in the morning, and the decaf coffees I’ve tried aren’t quite as flavorful, but the relief I feel without daily anxiety is well worth giving up my love for a Starbucks skinny caramel machiatto.

So, if you happen to be a fellow decaf drinker, or just know some really great coffee brands that have a decaf bag of beans, let me know! I need some good, quality decaf options to fill my mornings again.

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