Coffee: High Brew Cold Brew

My new obsession: High Brew Cold Brew.

I was standing in front of the coffee cooler at Whole Foods a few months ago trying to decide which cold brew to buy to get me through my afternoon at work. I am the most indecisive person ever, so I was comparing the nutritional facts on the back of a few cans when I finally decided on High Brew Mexican Vanilla. Only 90 calories and low in sugar. I was expecting a bitter taste since it was espresso in a small can, but this stuff is creamy and sweet but strong and bold. Basically a great decision. Since then I’ve tried just about every flavor and they’re all amazing. Wanting straight black coffee before work? Black & Bold. Wanting extra strength because it’s only 10:00am but you’re convinced it should be 6:00pm and you should be laying on the couch? Double Espresso. Love caffeine and good coffee? ALL OF THEM.

Now I’ve even been seeing this goodness available at Walmart, so if you want two delicious cups of coffee jam packed into a delicious little can, GO. Let me know what flavor you try. Bring some along on your sunny adventures because you can’t go wrong with any of them!

I took a Mexican Vanilla High Brew on our Saturday hike this weekend since it was 70 and sunny. We explored Hobbs State Park and we sat by the lake sipping our High Brew Cold Brew. It was honestly a perfect Saturday. One of those days that reminds you how happy you are in that current moment when so many good things come together to be a few amazing hours.

Side note, I tried High Brew’s new Creamy Cappucino + Protein today and I’m sorry Mexican Vanilla, but I think I have a new favorite.

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